What is the Venus Factor About?

Since my wife is on this, thought I’d share my thoughts on this blog (I bet most of you can relate?). We checked out all the Venus Factor reviews we could find online through blogs and videos and have come to the conclusion that it actually works.

  • Please note, this program is restricted to females only!

I bet you don’t hear that often do ya? There are not smoke and mirrors and no overblown hype, it’s as real as you can get.

You are probably wondering the VenusFactor is right for you, if there is too much exercise, if the food restrictions are unrealistic, etc? Well, you should be. But the fact remains that you need to put in the effort.

The program gos into great detail about a woman’s shape and genetic prospects to help determine which path is right for you – it’s tailored to an extent with easy to follow instructions including videos that show you exactly how to do the routines.

Why are we talking about dieting here? Because my wife is on this regimen and she wants me to tell everyone I know about it. I know you have a wife or girlfriend who constantly complains how she looks, so send her here to check out this post.

Ecigs are a True Bargain in Todays Economy

Seems everyone ants a bargain these days, even when the economy is booming again in real estate. Housing prices are up and so are rentals – first time I have seen that, usually one gives for the other but not this time.

Have noticed that Hawaii is starting to surge in home values as well as rental properties – so landlords are making out like bandits.

Even Los Angeles is going crazy with high priced pads. Was once $850 ten years ago is now $1,900! The price doubled and it makes no sense. Well, there are so many people there – bodies – the crucial part to an economy I suppose.

However, there are still places you can get a true bargain from, there is the cheap e cigarette which cost way less than real cigarettes and taste better and then there are the shopping outlets like Wal-Mart and Trader Joe’s.

If you have never been to a Trader Joe’s, you are missing out on a whole lot, they have gourmet stuff that is pretty cheap, takes the sting out a little bit.

Coupons for this and that, if you smoke, switch to an electronic cigarette, and go to Trader Joe’s if they are in your area or seek one out close to you.

Just because the cost of homes and rents are going through the roof by the day, does not mean you can still find a deal someplace on other things in life that you need and make you happy.

Why E Cigarettes Are Creating Controversy With Smokers

Maybe you are buying a home and your spouse has said to you that there will be no smoking inside anymore as it makes too much stink! You can choose to use a e cigarette and then they can’t say squat, right?

Well, that depends. Some vaping thingies can create a huge cloud of vapor which can be even worse than smoke from a cigarette. Even though it does not contain the smell, it can still be quite annoying. That’s why you need a brand like Cigavette that behaves just like a real cigarette and does not vape up the house like those mods do, anohter good option is EverSmoke as they offer a standard cigarette size with a vapor that goes away fast upon exhale.

The controversy becomes an hiccup when the spouse will not budge by pressure from their family or outside sources. When you see other people using an ecig in public like at a restaurant or in a movie theater it then becomes OK to want to use them in your home, there is no harm done. No smell, no 2nd hand smoke.  But since they look and behave so real it can fool a lot of people.

This is why we need more education on the subject and not false science paid for by big corporations deeming the product unsafe.  Once the government gets involved it turns into such a huge mess, so keep an ear out for news regarding vaping bans or ecig bans in your local residential area as this can effect more than one thing.  Workers on the job (construction site) may choose to use an electronic cigarette and the others around him may think he is smoking… n one is telling him to stop, so they light up their real cigarette and it becomes  a problem.

Getting the smoke smell out of a house is very time consuming, you have to literally treat and then pain just about everything and replace the carpets as the smell will never come out.  It’s even worse than cat pee.  Ask any installer and they will tell you, I’m sure they have loads of stories to tell.

Just keeping us all informed, I am a smoker, and now use these ecig vaping devices as they taste better and fulfill the need.  But I’m always educating people on what they are and how they work – which is OK by me.

A Home Filled With Love

Are you in search of the perfect home …by yourself? Seems there are a lot of “loners” looking to buy a home these days. For individuals who do not have a family or spouse this can be challenging as emotions may play a role when you least expect it.

In your mind you want a nice spacious place where you can spread out and relax. Seems ideal at first, but them you go to bed at night and start thinking to yourself that you are alone, all by yourself, in this big ole house. Maybe you already tried a love psychic reading with no avail to find your true mate?  Well, don’t let that stop you… Every-time you leave that house you are going to wonder what knucklehead is going to try and break in! Even in a gated community, it can be worse – it’s like caging the crooks inside.  It’s the world we now live in.

Perhaps you been there done that with “love” and it’s time to be on your own, of course that is fine and you deserve that. Just saying that an empty home, if it’s rather large, can mess with your mind a bit. All that space becomes infinite and all you hear is yourself which can get annoying, right?

So, if you desire to be a single individual homeowner try and choose a best fit.  Maybe a condo in a high rise may be better?   This way you have people around you without actually being in your face.  And they can check in any packages sent from a delivery service so you don’t have to step it on down to the post office when you get home.

How Much Homeowners Insurance Do I Need?

combine home and car insuranceIf you own a home you really should have a solid home insurance policy, that home is probably your biggest investment and the safest place for you and your family correct? Even though you can find cheap homeowners insurance quotes online does not mean the coverage is sub-par, in fact, it is usually rock solid.

How much you need depends on many situations, but the main parts to take note of are these:

- Insure the house, not the land. Do you really need to insure the dirt? Of course you may want to insure your home at 100%, but I would recommend going for 125% to adjust for inflation of labor and materials should you need to rebuild the entire thing. Same goes when looking into condo insurance quotes as the association’s insurance coverage may overlap yours, so don’t pay for more than you need.

- Combine all insurances with one company. If you couple your home insurance with your car insurance, etc. you will save a nice bit right off the top. Look at these auto insurance quotes and see what they are going for in your area, etc.

You definitely do not want to spend too much for your insurances when you do not really need them, cheap is OK as long as it is from a reliable company and it covers what you want it to.  Combining your home and car insurance will save you a lot of money and less headache when you need to use them in case you need to use it for what it is intended for.  Also look into cashing in on your life insurance policy if you can, will help you free up much need cash flow for renovations.

Always be checking the lowest life insurance quotes and compare companies.

Why Refinance Your Home Now? Cause Rates Are Still Low… Look!

Now is still a great time to take advantage of the lowest refinance rates still available and save a HUGE amount on your mortgage payments. If you can get your rate in the 4% range it would be also be wise to turn that 30 year mortgage into a 15 year plan to save a huge chunk of cash even more!

Let’s use this example:

$250,000 – 30yr mortgage at 6.9% = $1,646.50 per month

TOTAL PAYMENTS (paid off after 30yrs)


Now, let’s refinance that interest rate to 4.2% and watch it drop:

$250,000 – 30yr mortgage at 4.2% = $1,222.54 per month

TOTAL PAYMENTS (paid off after 30yrs)

TOTAL INTEREST PAID (much better!)

Let’s try a 15 year mortgage:

$250,000 – 15yr mortgage at 4.2% = $1,874.38 per month

TOTAL PAYMENTS (paid off after 15yrs)

TOTAL INTEREST PAID (way, way better!)

If you refinance and choose the 15 yr, you can save over 250k (a quarter of a million dollars) in interest alone!!  You can see by the mathematical numbers with your own eyes that you really can save a bundle when your refinance and drop that interest rate – even more so when you opt to pay off the loan in 15 years instead of the 30 yrs.  Also, check out the best refi mortgage rates here and compare a few quotes to see for yourself.

Do this now before the rates increase, look at those numbers again – crazy stuff!

5 Easy Steps To Increase A Homes Value

granite counter topsIncreasing your homes value does not have to cost you an arm and a leg, it can be done on a budget and will not empty your wallet. Besides, these upgrades is more like an investment.

Even if you are not planning on selling your home right now, the value added is an increase on the bottom line which may come in handy in you are in the market to refinance your home as well. Take a good look at the best mortgage interest rates being offered here.  Just compare a few companies and use their mortgage calculator and you’ll notice how much you can save.

* Also look into Eco-friendly ways to incorporate these upgrades and renovations as that will also add tremendous value. All the paints, woods, and stones can be obtained and certified as “organic” – so make sure you seriously consider going in that direction as the cost about the same anyway.

So, what is the best ways to increase the value of your home and keep it under budget? Appearance plays the biggest part along with practicality. A beautiful home that is clean and bright will appear bigger and more elegant.

The top 5: (go organic!)

  1. granite counter tops
  2. cabinets
  3. stainless steel appliances
  4. hardwood flooring
  5. accent paint

Those 5 ideas above will probably cost 12k at most if you really are smart at shopping around and plan your budget ahead of time. Which in turn may dramatically increase the value of your home & property to more than $20,000 on average.

Compare several builders and have them compete against each other to lower the bid price. But in the end, go with the one who has a good reputation and can do the job on your budget. Do not settle for shoddy work and don’t feel guilty about keeping an eye on what they are doing. Even if a builder has a good reputation, their workers can get lazy so make sure you correspond with the project manager often about the progress of your renovations.

Also search other refinance mortgage comparison sites. Many more sites like this can be found through search engines, they are not selling anything so you get unbiased data.

Once the work is complete, have an appraiser come in and determine how much you have added to the overall value – get it in writing. Now you have many other opportunities to enjoy your new upgrades (live, love, refinance, sell, etc).

5 ways to increase the value of your home