Ecigs are a True Bargain in Todays Economy

Seems everyone ants a bargain these days, even when the economy is booming again in real estate. Housing prices are up and so are rentals – first time I have seen that, usually one gives for the other but not this time.

Have noticed that Hawaii is starting to surge in home values as well as rental properties – so landlords are making out like bandits.

Even Los Angeles is going crazy with high priced pads. Was once $850 ten years ago is now $1,900! The price doubled and it makes no sense. Well, there are so many people there – bodies – the crucial part to an economy I suppose.

However, there are still places you can get a true bargain from, there is the cheap e cigarette which cost way less than real cigarettes and taste better and then there are the shopping outlets like Wal-Mart and Trader Joe’s.

If you have never been to a Trader Joe’s, you are missing out on a whole lot, they have gourmet stuff that is pretty cheap, takes the sting out a little bit.

Coupons for this and that, if you smoke, switch to an electronic cigarette, and go to Trader Joe’s if they are in your area or seek one out close to you.

Just because the cost of homes and rents are going through the roof by the day, does not mean you can still find a deal someplace on other things in life that you need and make you happy.

Why E Cigarettes Are Creating Controversy With Smokers

Maybe you are buying a home and your spouse has said to you that there will be no smoking inside anymore as it makes too much stink! You can choose to use a e cigarette and then they can’t say squat, right?

Well, that depends. Some vaping thingies can create a huge cloud of vapor which can be even worse than smoke from a cigarette. Even though it does not contain the smell, it can still be quite annoying. That’s why you need a brand like Cigavette that behaves just like a real cigarette and does not vape up the house like those mods do, anohter good option is EverSmoke as they offer a standard cigarette size with a vapor that goes away fast upon exhale.

The controversy becomes an hiccup when the spouse will not budge by pressure from their family or outside sources. When you see other people using an ecig in public like at a restaurant or in a movie theater it then becomes OK to want to use them in your home, there is no harm done. No smell, no 2nd hand smoke.  But since they look and behave so real it can fool a lot of people.

This is why we need more education on the subject and not false science paid for by big corporations deeming the product unsafe.  Once the government gets involved it turns into such a huge mess, so keep an ear out for news regarding vaping bans or ecig bans in your local residential area as this can effect more than one thing.  Workers on the job (construction site) may choose to use an electronic cigarette and the others around him may think he is smoking… n one is telling him to stop, so they light up their real cigarette and it becomes  a problem.

Getting the smoke smell out of a house is very time consuming, you have to literally treat and then pain just about everything and replace the carpets as the smell will never come out.  It’s even worse than cat pee.  Ask any installer and they will tell you, I’m sure they have loads of stories to tell.

Just keeping us all informed, I am a smoker, and now use these ecig vaping devices as they taste better and fulfill the need.  But I’m always educating people on what they are and how they work – which is OK by me.